Why porcelain fillings?

Today, with modern technology, we can offer the patient top-quality long-lasting fillings in a matter of one hour. The ever-increasing demand for aesthetic restorations (white fillings), together with increased longevity, has led to great advances in certain dental materials. One of the most common misconceptions we find in dentistry is that many people think all white fillings are the same. This is far from the truth. There are fundamentally two different types of white fillings – resin and porcelain.

In and out in just one day! Porcelain fillings

Porcelain fillings are a lot harder than resin and more natural looking, blending very well with the surrounding tooth structures. Nowadays porcelain fillings are made mostly chair- side, while you wait. You are in and out in just one day! The advantage of chair-side manufactured porcelain fillings using “cad cam” technologies giving them the same success rate as gold: 93% after 15 years. Additionally, they are metal free and biocompatible.

At SOHO Dental Loft we focus on best practices and using the latest technology to provide our patients with natural looking fillings that provide the best long-term comfort and durability.

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