Porcelain veneers can help restore a smile from slight chips, cracks, and discoloration. If you have ever felt self-conscious about your smile, it may be time to set up a consultation with SOHO Dental Loft.

At SOHO Dental Loft we will help you explore your options for cosmetic dentistry, which may include porcelain veneers. Here are some benefits of veneers.

Dental Veneers Can Cover Chips, Cracks, and Discoloration

Porcelain dental veneers can fix small cosmetic issues that are visible when you smile or talk. During a dental consultation, your dentist will be able to determine if you’re a likely candidate for veneers. For example, your dentist may recommend veneers for teeth to close slight gaps between your front teeth.

If a tooth is fragile, your dentist may instead recommend a dental crown to restore the tooth to its natural strength and appearance. Either way, your dentist will be able to find the right solution for your smile.

They Look & Feel Natural

Unless you told someone you had cosmetic dental work done, they won’t have the slightest idea. Porcelain veneers are custom made to look and feel natural in your mouth.

This will help you have greater self-confidence in your smile. The peace of mind that comes from not worrying about people staring at your teeth is priceless. You should love your smile and porcelain veneers can help you do that.

Dental Veneers Require Little Enamel Removal

Once enamel wears away, it’s gone for good. Fortunately, veneers only require a thin layer to be removed. If enamel isn’t removed, when the veneer is bonded on the tooth will look large and awkward. Since the veneers process is noninvasive, you may not even need anesthesia for any part of it.

While porcelain veneers are only bonded to the fronts of your teeth, dental crowns and dental bridges have to fit over a tooth or multiple teeth. This means that your dentist would have to remove more enamel for a crown than for a veneer.

They Can Prevent Tooth Discoloration

By practicing good oral hygiene and being conscious of the foods you eat, you can help your veneers last for years to come.

Dental Veneers Can Increase Confidence in Your Smile

Veneers will give you a beautiful smile and make you feel more confident. They are ideal for giving your teeth a uniform look and they give you a reason to smile.

At the end of the process, you’ll have a beautiful new smile!

Dental Veneers are Low Maintenance

While veneers are stain-resistant, you’ll still need to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once daily to maintain good oral health.

Since dental veneers are non-porous, they are able to resist permanent stains and cavities better than natural tooth enamel. In other words, minimal effort is needed to maintain veneers!

At SOHO Dental Loft we understand Your smile is a reflection of you, and a beautiful, healthy smile can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Achieving and maintaining optimal oral health is good for your body and good for your self-esteem and worth the investment of both time and money.

Ready to get started?

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